For assistance in site selection, relocation, and other services related to a new, expanding or relocating business, please feel free to contact us at the numbers or emails below.  If you desire additional information on the Harlingen market or on specific sites, we are ready to help.

Raudel Garza
Manager and Chief Executive Officer

956-216-5081 office
956-245-1303 cell

The Staff of Harlingen EDC
From Left to Right

Tania Hernandez, Selene Guerrero, German Rico, Raudel Garza, MaryAnn Villarreal, Beverly Loftus

Selene D. Guerrero
Marketing Manager

956-216-5083 office
956-266-9694 cell

Beverly Ticer Loftus
Commercial Development Manager 

956-216-5086 office
956-266-7456 cell

German Rico
Industrial Development Manager

956-216-5084 office
956-202-2867 cell

Tania Hernandez
Executive Assistant

956-216-5082 office

MaryAnn Villarreal
Office Manager

956-216-5081 office