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Harlingen Event Center Owner Remains Hopeful thanks to HELP for Small Business

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (July 21, 2020) – Ebethier Vargas, Casablanca Event Center owner, was recently approved for the Harlingen EDC’s small business loan.

Being in the business of large gatherings and celebrations, Vargas’ business has been impacted. With large gatherings restricted, his venue has gone from being open for entertainment to a hushed closing since March.

“It’s been a pretty rough time because of the pandemic since about March and up until now,” Vargas said.

“I specialize in events such as weddings, meetings, quinceaneras and this has set me back.”

After being told about the program from a vendor friend, he decided to make a phone call to the Harlingen EDC. Unsure about the outcome, Vargas still submitted all the required paperwork.

“This is going to help a lot with the bills, utility bills, taxes – it’s just going to be a big relief for Casablanca. I appreciate the program and the help.”

Vargas has been in business for more than eight years and works closely with caterers, security, and other staffing that he has sadly had to stop working with since the pandemic. Though he sees no activity through the rest of the year, he remains hopeful and has received phone calls from people inquiring about booking events in 2021.

“There are a lot of questions – my business is all about gatherings, but I cannot rush into thinking this is over.”

“But this is going to help, and I appreciate the program and the help.”