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Letter from the CEO: Leadership Development

Harlingen, Texas (March 2, 2021) - Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a couple of my children in “leadership” roles at their school.  My 11-year-old son, Christian, was recently “Principal for the Day,” while my nine-year-old daughter, Faith, was “PE Coach for the Day” at their school.  My wife and I place them in these leadership roles with a purpose. As they grow older and become part of an organization or company or lead their own business, the skills they learn now will help them succeed.

As Principal for the Day, Christian had the opportunity to read announcements to the school during chapel. He also visited various classes and even sat down with the smaller kids and read a story for them. He was also allowed to create a “special” day for the school.  At their school, they wear uniforms, but once in a while, they are allowed to break from tradition, and Christian chose for the students to wear anything “Star Wars”-related. 

Faith, as PE Coach for the Day, tagged along with the PE Coach and conducted “class” with the other kids. She led the exercises and directed the games and competitions that were scheduled for that day.

I believe that if we don’t get out of our comfort zones, we don’t experience joys and defeats. We don’t grow personally and professionally. I try to get out of my comfort zone as well by doing new things and taking on challenges. 

If you’ve heard of John Maxwell and read some of his books, then you’ve read plenty on leadership. He once wrote, “The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development.  There is no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders, and continually develops them.”

Christian and Faith and our other kids have always been placed in positions of “leadership” to help them grow. And we will continue to do that with them because I do believe Mr. Maxwell is correct when he talks about potential and biggest impact.

If you haven’t seen our virtual meetings on our YouTube channel, then you’ve missed out on reports that staff present to the Board of Directors. I could easily do the reports myself or place them in a packet and have our Board read the reports at their leisure. I choose to have your employees make the presentations themselves. It isn’t easy or comfortable to speak in front of a group of people for most of us. It isn’t easy speaking and handling a PowerPoint presentation on a Zoom call either, but they do it as part of their jobs, but also to help them develop their skills even further. Leadership development isn’t always about sending someone off to a training seminar or a webinar. We can all do leadership development by allowing our employees to do things outside their comfort zone. I know I’ve learned from them as they learn from me as well.

For those of you who have employees, get out of your comfort zone, and get them out of theirs, by focusing a bit more on leadership development. If you already do that, don’t stop. If you haven’t done it lately, start.  Here’s to you and to your organization and to making the biggest positive impact this month.