Choose Harlingen: Accessibility and the Free Trade Bridge at Los Indios

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (May 14, 2020) – Harlingen has many economic advantages that would benefit just about any business looking to relocate. A major advantage is our option for accessibility. Land, sea, and air – commodities come and go out of Harlingen via multiple modes of transportation.

Recently, Cameron County International Bridge System director, Josue Garcia participated in a new series that highlights Harlingen’s advantages. Garcia talked to Harlingen EDC director, Raudel Garza, about the Free Trade International Bridge at Los Indios.

Garcia discussed the advantages unique to Los Indios that include the USDA lab and inspection facility that includes a recently added cold storage facility. The joint venture was a project between Cameron County, the City of Harlingen, City of San Benito, with the Harlingen EDC coordinating the construction of the storage facility.

The facility was built in order to encourage produce companies to ship through Los Indios.

As far as COVID-19 restrictions that have been placed on international crossings, commercial crossings have not been impacted as much, Garcia reassured.

Another large product passing South through Los Indios are windmill parts – those giant wind blades and motors that we sometimes encounter on the interstate can vary in size and stretch up to more than 170-feet. An added fun fact: some of those parts come in through the Port of Harlingen and are then crossed into Mexico via Los Indios – proving that partnerships are working together to keep things moving.

Garcia added that all wide loads like windmill blades are sent through Los Indios due to the fact that Los Indios made road improvements to accommodate those larger commodities.

Learn more about the bridge below: