Harlingen Aerotropolis at Valley International Airport Designated a Shovel Ready Site

Harlingen, Texas – April 28, 2015 – The Harlingen Aerotropolis at Valley International Airport has been designated as a Certified Site by McCallum Sweeney Consultants, one of the world’s leading site selection and economic development consulting firms.

Frank Espinoza, AEP Texas manager of Community Affairs said the AEP Quality Site Program was established to increase the number of project ready industrial sites in communities served by AEP Texas. American Electric Power, the parent company of AEP Texas, hired McCallum-Sweeny Consulting Services to help develop and manage this process.

“The purpose of the Quality Site Program is to satisfy a growing need from Companies looking for sites that are ready to develop, well documented, and free from risk,” said Espinoza. “And I’m extremely pleased to say Harlingen will join a very small list of progressive communities in the nation who have completed this rigorous site certification process.”

Lindsey Myers, Senior Consultant & Director of Site Readiness Programs for McCallum-Sweeny said that communities that are seeking to recruit industrial development need to be armed with a wealth of information and data on both their sites and their community. “Companies are not willing to wait for a community to find an appropriate site and determine its suitability for development. That due diligence needs to be completed in advance of a prospect visit,” said. “The Harlingen Aerotropolis at Valley International Airport is the first Certified Site in the entire state of Texas using AEP’s Quality Site Program,” continued Lindsey.

Bob Dunkin, chairman of the board for the Harlingen EDC, said Harlingen knows the importance of establishing innovative partnerships.

“The Harlingen Economic Development Corporation staff worked closely with the staff at Valley International Airport to complete this arduous process,” Dunkin said.

Marv Esterly, Aviation Director added, “This certification will set us apart from other sites nationwide and is crucial in attracting businesses.”

Raudel Garza, CEO of the Harlingen EDC, outlined the program’s main points. “After an approximately year long process of obtaining, engineered plans, environmental studies, and researching site characteristics, staff can now report the completion of the Site Certification Process. The Harlingen Aerotropolis at Valley International Airport is considered a “Shovel Ready” site. Our Industrial Development Director, Ramiro Aleman, was given this challenge and is to be commended for the hard work in this certification process.”

After the applicant has completed all the certification requirements, McCallum Sweeney certifies that the property is ready for development, enhancing the marketability of the site, and improving the community’s inventory of industrial properties.

Harlingen Aerotropolis at Valley International Airport (formerly Harlingen Industrial Airpark) consists of approximately 479.5 acres of land, with all entitlements in place, and thus ready for development.

For more information on opportunities in the Harlingen area, please visit www.harlingenedc.com or contact Raudel Garza, CEO, Harlingen Economic Development Corporation, (956) 216-5081.

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Pictured above are Ramiro Aleman, Industrial Development Director; MaryAnn Villarreal, Office Manager; Raudel Garza, CEO, and Lyle Garza, Commercial Development Manager of the Harlingen EDC.