Harlingen Business & COVID-19: Bloomers Flowers & Gifts

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (May 4, 2020) – Harlingen Business & COVID-19 will consist of a series of stories we are collecting from Harlingen business owners. As COVID-19 continues to affect all businesses globally, we want to feature our local entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses that are faced with making tough decisions, adapting, and embracing new ways of doing business.

As things continue to shift, business owners tell us how they are thinking differently when it comes to doing business and providing a service to our community.

Lisa Human, Bloomers Flowers & Gifts, 2001 S. 23rd Street, bloomersharlingen.com

Already a fixture on Instagram, Bloomers Flower & Gifts, would occasionally post daily specials or upcoming discounts. That was pre-COVID-19 and as restrictions began to be placed on non-essential businesses, Lisa Human, store manager, said they had to re-think how they did business and made adjustments.

“When all of this happened, it opened up our eyes how much more we needed to do online and work on our social media stores,” Lisa said.

“We were still posting products while we were closed and making sure to stay relevant.”

Bloomers Flowers & Gifts is known for creating beautiful arrangements for just about any occasion, but the store is much more than a flower shop. The store’s Instagram account features various jewelry lines, popular purse, and accessory brands, and other fun décor and trinkets.

Their robust social media efforts led to an increase in social media followers and customers haven’t stopped shopping for their favorite items.

Like many other retail stores, the shop transitioned to curbside in March and despite the May 1 retail re-opening, Bloomers chose to continue keeping the store closed to the public and offering only curbside and delivery.

“Don’t be intimidated, let this moment encourage you and encourage new ways of doing business,” Lisa said, offering advice to fellow small business owners.

“You have to evolve with the times and things are constantly changing, but we learn to evolve with it. Pandemic or not, you have to continue growing.”

If you would like to be part of the series and share your story, please e-mail Selene D. Guerrero, marketing manager, at sguerrero@harlingenedc.com