Harlingen EDC and Valley International Airport to Attend Spacecom

Harlingen, Texas – November 11, 2015 – With the recent and exciting announcement of United Launch Alliance extending their lease at Valley International Airport and with the Space X launch facility being developed less than 40 miles away, the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation continues to market and promote Harlingen as the ideal place for aerospace and advanced manufacturing. ULA will continue to manufacture components of the Atlas V rocket and Space X will soon be launching Falcon Heavy rockets from Cameron County.

Spacecom, to be held in Houston on November 17‐19, will present a powerful three‐day event engineered to fuel business innovation across the aerospace, medical, energy, transportation, maritime, communications and advanced manufacturing industries.

SpaceCom distinctly unites public and private stakeholders involved in domestic and international space commerce with a new group of global business executives looking for competitive advantage through the application of space technology to their industries.

Several goals have been set for this year’s conference. Raudel Garza, CEO of the HEDC said, “Of course, we’d like to meet with decision makers seeking a cost effective location for their business. Those companies looking for a young, talented and trainable workforce are a perfect fit for our area. Also, we’d like to explore other opportunities at the show. Educating ourselves allows us to be better‐versed and more knowledgeable in the industry.”

The HEDC team has already attended the Space Symposium in Denver and the Aerospace Summit in Queretaro, Mexico in 2015.

Attendees can learn more about exciting things happening in Harlingen by visiting our booth #632 at Spacecom or by visiting www.harlingenaerotropolis.com.

Raudel Garza, CEO

Harlingen Economic Development Corporation