Harlingen tops lists for “Lowest Cost of Living” and “Most Affordable Groceries” in recent rankings

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (Aug. 5, 2019) – Harlingen once more topped recent rankings. The 2019 Business Facilities’ Metro Rankings placed Harlingen as #1 for the Lowest Cost of Living in their Annual Metro Rankings.

Cost of living is a term that defines the amount of money needed to maintain a certain level of living that takes into account: food, clothing, healthcare, and living accommodations.

Overall Texas is one of the “cheapest” states to live in and selecting to live in a city where daily expenses are more affordable can provide a higher standard of living.

Further adding to Harlingen’s affordable living, our grocery bill is much smaller in comparison to many other U.S. cities. According to Rent.com, Harlingen ranked in the top five cities with the most affordable groceries. According to their findings, we are 17% lower than the rest of the country.