Harlingen’s Retail Sales Continue to Grow!

Harlingen continues to show growth in their monthly state sales tax reimbursements, showing a rise of 2.3 percent for December and 4.26 percent for the year, the Texas State Comptroller reported.

Harlingen fared better than Brownsville and McAllen. Brownsville’s sales tax reimbursements were down 8.28 percent, putting it down 5.70 percent for the year. In Hidalgo County, McAllen was down a whopping 10.36 percent for the month and 7.43 percent for the year.

While many Rio Grande Valley cities are feeling the effects of the weak peso, Harlingen continues to experience steady economic growth.

With Harlingen’s pro-business climate it’s easy to see why companies are choosing Harlingen to expand or relocate their business. Your Business Belongs in Harlingen!