Texas Plating & Polishing Solutions Receives HEDC Incentive; Company Continues to Choose Harlingen

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (Dec. 6, 2019) – Texas Plating & Polishing Solutions (TPPS) recently received a $25,000 New Investment Incentive to help cover moving costs to their new facility located in the Harlingen Industrial Park.

TPPS provides chrome, polish, and nickel for the plastic injection mold industry. The company services customers both in the USA and in Mexico by creating molds for automotive, appliance, and medical companies.

Owner & President, Jose J. Gonzalez, for many years worked for Bales Mold Service, Inc, located in Harlingen. The company provided the same products as TPPS.

Gonzalez and fellow manager, Salomon Garcia saw an opportunity to buy the company and so they did in the Fall of 2018.

The Harlingen EDC also saw this as an opportunity to help Gonzalez keep the business in Harlingen and keep TPPS workers employed in Harlingen.

TPPS initially remained at the Bales location until Gonzalez and Garcia, TPPS Vice President, saw the need to expand their space.

The HEDC New Investment Incentive of $25,000 helped TPPS with moving expenses to the larger building. The new facility, also in the Harlingen Industrial Park, is approximately 6,000 square feet.

“We are grateful for the incentive,” Elizabeth Gonzalez, of TPPS said. “That money is going straight to our moving expenses and electrical connections for new equipment.”

The company chose to stay in Harlingen for a variety of reasons but mainly because of Harlingen’s proximity to the border, where 90 percent of their business comes from. Plus, Gonzalez added, they find Harlingen to be a nice spot and have found valuable and hardworking employees.

“We were able to keep a valuable company in Harlingen and at the same time save jobs,” Raudel Garza, Harlingen CEO, said. “This is a company that will continue to grow, and Harlingen has many education and training resources to help companies like TPPS. We are happy they chose to continue doing business in Harlingen.”

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