Unemployment Rate Low Regionally; Still Room For Improvement

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (JUNE 28, 2019) – The latest Texas Workforce Commission unemployment rate report shows that overall state unemployment has reached a record low. The state average is currently at 3.5 %.

Harlingen’s May rate was reported at 4.4%, placing us in the top three cities with the lowest unemployment rate. The Brownsville-Harlingen Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) has also seen a drop from 4.7% to 4.6% – just one year ago the rate was at 5.9%.

“The latest unemployment figures indicate growth in our community,” Raudel Garza, Harlingen Economic Development Corporation CEO and manager, explained.

“However, there is still room for improvement. Although it seems that we are closer to full employment, there are still many people who are not accounted for in these statistics. People who have fallen out of the labor force or have yet to the right job for themselves.”

The healthcare sector has added the most jobs, with a total of 1,500 in the three MSAs combined. The three MSAs include: Brownsville-Harlingen, McAllen-Mission-Edinburg, and Laredo.

“We are constantly working to improve and to attract higher-paying jobs for those in need of a job or looking for a change.  There is a trained and ready workforce here in Harlingen,” Garza added.

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