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Equip Harlingen grant program now accepting applications! Start Here.

Equip Harlingen Matching Grant Program

Equip Harlingen is a small business matching grant program offered by the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation that provides up to Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000) for new equipment purchases for businesses that are looking to expand their production capabilities. This grant encourages the retention and creation of jobs for business enterprises in the City of Harlingen to stimulate further economic activity. Applicants must have been in business at least one full year prior to the application date.

The program provides financial assistance to eligible commercial businesses for eligible equipment purchases through August 31, 2024, subject to the terms of the grant and final approval from the EDC Board of Directors and the City Commission. Program eligibility is discretionary and may be discontinued by the Board of Directors at any time, or until annual fund allocation is exhausted. Equipment must be pre-approved by the HEDC prior to the purchase to qualify for this grant.

Approval Application

To determine if the business is eligible for financial assistance to purchase new equipment an application must be submitted.

Funding Request

Once the application for the equipment grant is approved and the business has purchased the equipment, a funding request can be submitted.

All application materials should be submitted on the application portal.