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Strong Infrastructure

From reliable fiber optic networks to multiple electric and gas providers and high-quality water, Harlingen has the strong infrastructure needed to support your business’s operations.


Harlingen offers the reliable, high-speed networks you need to efficiently conduct business, with several telecommunications fiber optic service providers, as well as multiple options for television, phone, and internet. 

  • AT&T serves Harlingen as the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC), providing the community with a DMS100 Electronic Switching System. The company provides a number of digital and satellite services as well as a strong fiber optic network.

  • Spectrum provides high speed internet of up to 200 Mbps and fiber optic service.

  • VTX1 Companies is a leading broadband service provider in South Texas. The company provides a fiber optics transport service of approximately 8,100 route miles to other telecommunications companies, including eight of the largest in Mexico.


A Competitive, Deregulated Electric Market

Texas’ deregulated electric market allows for competition between electric providers, resulting in lower prices, renewable energy options, and other incentives including added customer service benefits. The Public Utility Commission enforces customer protections and ensures the safe and reliable delivery of electricity. Transmission and distribution of Harlingen’s electricity, pole and wire maintenance, and response to emergencies and power outages is provided by American Electric Power (AEP).

Natural Gas & Propane

Texas Gas Sales provides natural gas to Harlingen, while Hino Gas Sales provides the area with propane, propane piping installation and service, tanks, hoses and fittings, and cylinders and cages. Both companies serve residential, commercial and industrial customers.

High-Quality Water and Sewer 

The City of Harlingen ensures that drinking water is clean and safe and meets all drinking water standards through stringent testing and in-house water laboratories. Any consumer concerns are met with a prompt response from the city.

Harlingen’s sewage system consists of 214 miles of collection system mains and pipes and 73 lift stations which pump the sewage due to the natural flatness of the ground. Two wastewater treatment plants serve Harlingen, both of which use the trickling filter and extended air treatment process.