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Choose Harlingen: Texas Threads Company


Harlingen, Texas (June 23, 2021) - Haresh Sachi is the owner of three textile companies based here in Harlingen. Those companies include Polysachi Polymers, Winlon Foods, and Texas Thread, the only industrial thread manufacturing company in the state of Texas and West of the Mississippi River, according to Sachi.

Sachi saw the advantage in relocating his business to the Rio Grande Valley, specifically to Harlingen, because of connectivity that also meant ease of transporting his products, lower production costs, and a skilled and capable workforce. Being in Harlingen and close to the border saves him not just time, but also money that he can use to further expand his businesses.

“Harlingen is strategically located, I have my products next to Mexico, the trucks come and pick up the products and there isn’t a lot of transport in between the warehouse and the customer.”

“I am very proud that this is my third business in this town. We are very happy to be here.”

Sachi acquired Texas Threads in April 2021 from the previous owners. The company has been in Harlingen for more than 30 years and Sachi will continue to grow the industrial thread manufacturing company, making improvements and offering new textiles.

Currently, the company manufactures threads like polyester, various forms of nylon, Kevlar (heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber used for bullet-proof vests and other military-grade textiles), Nomex (a flame-resistant meta-aramid material), and synthetic sinew used to recreate Native American artifacts. Texas Threads serves the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Sachi hopes to expand his reach as the company grows. He hopes to take what he calls a boutique business to a mass production company.

Sachi has his undergraduate degree and post-graduation degrees in textile engineering. The niche industry is definitely working to his advantage and we are happy he chooses Harlingen for business!

Watch for more details about Texas Threads and hear from the owner: