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HARLINGEN, TX / JANUARY 9, 2023 - In collaboration with the City of Harlingen and Mayor Norma Sepulveda, the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation has launched a 50/50 small business matching grant program called Revitalize Harlingen. This program is designed to enhance business storefronts, encourage job retention, and stimulate economic activity.

 “The main goal of Revitalize Harlingen is to rejuvenate targeted areas in the city that need revitalizing,” said Beverly Loftus, Interim CEO of the Harlingen EDC.  “The benefits from the grant funds will encourage reinvestment by small businesses to attract more customers and increase revenues.”

 The first round of funding will focus on a specific area in Harlingen. This area includes businesses within West Jackson to West Harrison Ave, West Van Buren to West Jackson, West Harrison to M Street, West Tyler to M Street, and F Street to West Jackson. To see if your business qualifies, please visit

 Beverly Loftus added, “While some businesses may not fall within the improvement zone, the Harlingen EDC may consider additional areas as more funds become available.”

 The matching grant funds are designed to incentivize property owners to undertake exterior site improvements, which can aesthetically improve and make Harlingen more vibrant. Property owners and or tenants are able to apply for up to 50% of their total exterior project costs, to a maximum of $10,000. A pre-approval application must be submitted, and eligibility is contingent upon approval. Please visit for complete guidelines and pre-approval and funding applications.

 “As a real estate professional, I understand the value of property and improvements made to the

exterior of a business, restoring and enhancing adds value to a business. I’ve seen this program work in our downtown area and we need to reach out to the qualifying businesses, who could use this matching grant.” said Eric Ziehe, President of the Harlingen EDC Board.

Mayor Norma Sepulveda expressed, “I’m proud to collaborate with the Harlingen Economic Development Corporation to launch this initiative that will revitalize small businesses in the City of Harlingen, “said Mayor Sepulveda, who spearheaded the launch and implementation of the site improvement grant program along with the Harlingen EDC board of directors. “I look forward to seeing this program succeed and expanding it to other areas of Harlingen.  Residents, visitors, and business owners alike will be pleased to see signage, landscaping, and other exterior improvements offered through this new initiative.”