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Longstanding Harlingen Jewelry Store Owner Receives HELP for Small Business Funds

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (July 8, 2020) – Alexandre’s Fine Jewelry has been a gem for many years in Downtown Harlingen in the most literal sense. The jewelry store has served the community for 62 years and been at its downtown location for more than 45 years.

Like many small businesses across the nation, owner Robert Alexandre closed the store for more than three months.

“We are one of the center points in downtown Harlingen,” Alexandre said. “It’s important for us to stay open and we’re here, we won’t close.”

The history of the store goes back 62 years. The family-owned business has a legacy for jewelry and watch repair, Alexandre said, and since his father’s passing in 2004 he and his family have continued that legacy.

“The first store existed in San Benito and my dad used to do a lot of trade work for independent stores back in the 1970s – at one time we had five stores.”

But the business has endured many economic hurdles and has withstood the test of time, continuing to move forward and adapt.

“We will use this money to help restore our operations, continue to keep staff employed, and it will help us continue our operations through the end of the year.”

Alexandre added that he and his staff have learned from the first time in March when they were forced to close. He said they are confident that they are ready to manage the changes as they come.

“We appreciate the help from the Harlingen EDC in not only assisting us but also making it possible to be successful in Harlingen.”

Learn more about Alexandre’s Fine Jewelry by visiting their website. If you are a small business owner in Harlingen and have endured economic hardship due to covid-19, check out the HELP for Small Business program.