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Million Dollar HELP for Small Business Funds Still Available; Almost $400k of the Harlingen Fund Already Disbursed

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (Aug. 5, 2020) – On Tuesday, July 28, the HELP for Small Business committee reviewed the most recent applications and approved seven local businesses for the loan.

The qualifying businesses were approved for amounts ranging from $7,000 up to the maximum amount of $10,000. This is the fifth round of HELP for Small Business recipients.

Raudel Garza, Harlingen EDC CEO, says the program will continue until the allotted $1 million funds are used, or the program is discontinued.

The program launched May 1 and since then 42 small businesses have been approved for a loan. The total amount lent is now at $386,000. Funding is still available for eligible businesses.

“The HEDC and the City started this program to reach those in need, and we are doing that.” Raudel Garza, Harlingen EDC CEO, said.

“This program is also helping us connect better with the small businesses here. Many of them are understanding the resources available to them through the HEDC.”

Small business owners are still encouraged to apply if they believe they meet the qualifications.

“We’re trying to pick up where the federal government left off for Harlingen businesses,” Harlingen EDC Board President, Eric Ziehe, said recently.

“We really want to see them succeed – we want to see all businesses in Harlingen succeed.”

Ziehe added that he encourages more Harlingen business owners to take advantage of the program and apply for the loan.

Receiving funds from federal resources such as a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) does not disqualify business owners from these local funds if they show a bigger financial need.

“This is like a security, even if you don’t use it right away, this is yours to use. It’s going to help keep us afloat and will help give my staff a consistent paycheck.” Desiree Gonzalez, Desiree’s Spa & Massage owner, said about the loan.

Gonzalez added that because her business is mainly focused on close contact with her customers, she has had to make adjustments that included purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE).

“This will really help and give some relief and some peace for a while so we can survive, so our business can survive. I love this community and thank you for this opportunity.”

Carol and Charles Law of Chuck’s Icehouse Volleybar & Grill, were recently approved for HELP for Small Business.

Harlingen EDC Board President, Eric Ziehe, reviews and signs fifth round of HELP for Small Business checks.

Harlingen EDC CEO, Raudel Garza, and HEDC Board President, Eric Ziehe, meet to review approved loan recipients and sign checks.

Raudel Garza and Charles Law of Chuck’s Icehouse Volleybar and Grill recently. Law and his wife, Carol, were approved for the small business loan last week.