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Reyna’s Texas Style Bar-B-Q Home Grown in Harlingen

HARLINGEN, TEXAS (June 29, 2020) – There’s been some exciting activity happening across Sam’s Club recently. The construction of Reyna’s Texas Style Bar-B-Q is just about wrapped up and the location will open soon.

“This is going to be Harlingen’s very own barbecue restaurant and we’re going to offer a menu that is true to the community,” Reyna’s Texas Style Bar-B-Q owner, Zeke Reyna, said.

Reyna first ventured into the restaurant business a year ago when he opened his Weslaco barbecue location. As he took on this new endeavor, his business model shifted from what he initially planned.

Owning a business was more than just food and numbers, it became about the customers, the service and bringing a community together over food and drinks, Reyna said.

“Feed them great food and offer great service, but we also wanted to be more than just a restaurant,” he added.

Reyna also began tweaking the menu – because after all, this is Texas, specifically the Rio Grande Valley and our barbecue has a flavor all its own.

Reyna also began connecting more locally. He wanted to go beyond the menu and become a part of something bigger.

“Sure, it’s about the experience, the drinks, the food, the service but more importantly, it’s about serving the community.”

Reyna’s barbecue restaurant has provided meals to Harlingen High School, local hospitals, and hopes to hold back-to-school drives for local kids once things normalize. Reyna would also like to launch a program that would provide college scholarships to qualified staff members.

Reyna wants people to feel at home when they visit his restaurant, to feel as if they’re being served by family.

“We are completely about the community and we want the people of Harlingen to know that we are here to stay and here to serve.”

“We will embrace Harlingen wholly just as Harlingen has been good to us.

Coming soon: Opening is set for late July/early August

Jobs: Will be employing up to 40 people. Interested in working at the restaurant? Be on the lookout for hiring announcements by following the restaurant on Facebook 

What’s the menu look like? Tex-Mex barbecue with pico? Yes. But also, pecan and oak barbecue flavors, barbecue bowls with rice and beans, barbecue botanas that includes half a rack of ribs, panchos, brisket, sausage, quesadillas, and onion rings.

Watch a recent conversation with Reyna and Harlingen CEO, Raudel Garza: