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Success Story

Polysachi Polymers

PolySachi Polymers is a parent company with two companies under it called Winlon Foods and Pari Olefins. Winlon concentrates on food liners for the food industry such as those aluminum liners your breakfast tacos come wrapped in, or sheets for baked items.

“We also make aluminum and patented products for the food industry,” Sachi said.

“We are a smaller guy in this industry but one of our major competitors is Reynolds (Wrap) and other Chinese products.”

Pari Olefins manufactures industrial textiles such as straps, fibrillated yarn, rope, webbing, cords, and more.

The previous space was 12,000-square-foot and Sachi needed a larger space to keep up with demands and the competition. His company is now operating out of a 36,000 square-foot space located at 1314 Industrial Way, Harlingen.

When asked about Polysachi Polymers, Harlingen EDC’s CEO Raudel Garza said, “Haresh is one of those wonderful entrepreneurial spirits that has the drive to make things happen. These are the people that make Harlingen special.  We love working with people who work hard to succeed. Polysachi Polymers and other manufacturers know that we are here to support them in their expansion and relocation plans.”

Sachi continues to improve the facility and is adding more equipment and making minor upgrades, and anticipates to be in full operation by 2021.

For a business person like me, we want things to get done fast and Harlingen has done fast, and that has been a huge benefit to our company.
Haresh Sachi, President

Sachi added that being closer to the border has helped him save more money and time.

“Harlingen is strategically located, I have my products next to Mexico, the trucks come and pick up the products and there isn’t a lot of transport in between the warehouse and the customer.”

He added that prior to moving to Harlingen, he was paying a lot of fees in damages because there was too much handling after his products left the warehouse.

PolySachi Polymers does business primarily in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and overseas in countries such as India and Thailand, but primarily in North America.

“I choose Harlingen because of it’s close to the Mexican border and it’s very easy to do business in Mexico. Here, we can get things done faster.”